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Annual Salary To Semimonthly Paycheck Conversion Calculator

semi-monthly definition

The workers I knew when I lived there were not confused, saw the bonus as the employer giving them the biweekly pay that was due for their daily toil. We do not know who or what you disagree with, unless it is the dictionary. As our blog states, we also “see trouble.” That is why this blog was created, to point out the possibility of confusion with these terms. We do not advocate any particular way of using these terms, but we do suggest substituting actual time frames to avoid confusion. If Bi means two, then wouldn’t that mean two weeks are needed to create something that’s “bi-weekly”? Again with a “weekly” barometer, if you’re meeting half as frequently as weekly then you would be meeting every other week.

semi-monthly definition

If the barometer is “weekly,” then bi-weekly would seem to mean you’re meeting two times or twice each week. IMHO, if we accept that “semi” will always refer to the time period, then we should be semi-monthly definition consistent and also use “bi” to always refer to the time period. But for me, biweekly is every two weeks and I will use “biweekly”. Bi- and Semi- are then modifers of the interval or period.

Bisect is a verb meaning to divide something into two equal parts. Sect, to cut, looks to bi- to cash basis determine how many parts should be the result, not how many times the cutting should take place.

For example, a meeting held monthly occurs once per month, while a meeting held semi-monthly occurs twice per month. I get paid semi-monthly, on the 5th and 19th of each month. We are simply pointing out the fact that semi-monthly definition these are words that are often confused because the language has changed over time. Use semi-weekly – since it doesn’t have conflicting definitions – to convey twice a week and use bi-weekly for every two weeks.

The Difference Between Semimonthly And Biweekly Payroll

But by the standards being applied to “bi” it is just a matter of time before mute will have “taken on both meanings.” I call bull— and cop-out on this “process” for changing the meaning of words. I think this contradiction between uses will lead to discontinued use of bi-weekly and bi-monthly unless an authority on word usage takes a stand. For accuracy, I believe that bi-weekly would be more appropriate if this were the case.

By the way, there are some terms for which it really does matter. Try making the incorrect substitution for terms like bipedal (?semipedal), bicycle (?semicycle), or bipolar (?semipolar). The examples in the blog equated biweekly and semimonthly because that is how they are defined in the dictionary. Your example shows why it is so important to understand the exact terms when either of these words is being used.

How do you calculate hourly rate for semi monthly payroll?

Divide the total semi-monthly payroll amount by the total number of labor hours. For example, a semi-monthly payroll amount of $6,000 divided by 120 total worked hours means an average hourly rate of $50.

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I contend that using bi- infers the event occurs twice as often, i.e. twice per base period or twice per week. Semi- infers half, or that the event happens half as often, i.e. every two weeks.

Comparing Biweekly And Semi

Something done or made every half month, especially a periodical. In a manner occurring twice a month or at half month intervals.They met semimonthly to discuss the latest developments. But before detailing how to structure semi-monthly pay for your company, it’s first important to clearly understand what semi-monthly pay means. Our services cover all aspects of your payroll process and payroll tax needs. Enter your email address to receive a link each week to an article focusing on ways to improve your writing and editing. Grace Ferguson has been writing professionally since 2009. With 10 years of experience in employee benefits and payroll administration, Ferguson has written extensively on topics relating to employment and finance.

The confusion is easy to explain if you think of it in terms of period and frequency and ambiguous association of the word parts. They study, among many language phenomena, how word meanings change over time. Because in the end, one can see that word and phrase usage is a community convention. If someone has any good examples of this, I’d love to hear of them.

semi-monthly definition

You gave some good examples of why it is so important to understand the exact terms when either of these words is being used. Nick, I think you’re pointing to the source of the confusion. Many people think that since bifurcating something divides it, then biweekly must mean to divide the week; but they misunderstand the derivation of the word. The reason that bifurcating something divides it is because it causes it to have two (bi-) forks or branches. I agree that dictionaries should seek to guard against this, but word misuse isn’t illegal, much as we might lament it.

Just remember one that you would never misuse, such as my favorite, a bicentennial. Nobody would ever confuse that one and say a bicentennial should be celebrated twice per century. That clarifies that “bi” means an interval of two units, whatever they are weeks, months, years, etc.). That leaves “semi” to mean intervals of one-half units, or twice per unit.

On the other hand, the word “biennial” is unambiguous and means “once every two years” or “lasting two years”. This word is thus often used to refer to plants that only flower or fruit in their second year of life. It’s fair to say that “every two months” would be the more common usage of the word, but there’s no guarantee that a reader will assume one meaning or the other. If you want to use the term it may be worth spelling out what you mean by it.

If you ever subscribe to a biweekly or bimonthly publication, you will need to make sure you understand the terms. If it’s “once every two weeks”, that’s equal to twice every FOUR weeks, not every week. I’m not sure why the examples given equate bi-weekly and semi-monthly- they are not the same thing. So this is not a new confusion of terms, but based in history. We may be evolving the language to two different prefixes to avoid confusion. However, we are not contributing to an erroneous usage when we use the prefix ‘bi’ to mean twice in a time period.

The Advantages Of Paying Employees Biweekly Instead Of Weekly

“As we first announced in our weekly E-Newsletter of March 8, 2011, we are deeply sorry to inform all of our loyal readers and fans that Jane Straus passed away on February 25, 2011. For two years Jane waged a heroic battle with brain cancer. Unfortunately, medical science only has treatments but no cure for this disease. That did not deter Jane, though, from continuing to be fully dedicated to her family, friends, and her readership right up until the end. Or is there another way to say four times a year without saying “quarterly”.

semi-monthly definition

You’re only partly meeting once a week, at every second week instead. Accordingly if Semi means Half, than semi-monthly should mean twice per month. It seems to me that the confusion occurs because it is not clearly stated to which half of the equation the prefix refers. Given that the equation is occurrences per time period, if “bi” refers What is bookkeeping to occurrences, that is two occurrences per time period. If “bi” refers to time periods, then it is one occurrence per two time periods. Just bowing to the dictionaries and re-iterating their failings as did in the first post of July , is a travesty. An evolving language can be a good thing, I agree with and understand that.

The Small Business Beginner’s Guide To Payroll

A year of semi-monthly visits would result in 24 visits while a year of bi-weekly visits would total 26. We did not identify any definition as “proper.” We reported what you will find if you look the words up in the dictionary. It is good that we inform our readers that these words can lead to confusion. Free payroll setup to get you up and running and support to smoothly run payroll.

  • Some salaried employees get paid every other week and others may be paid bi-weekly.
  • Salaried employees are paid based on an annual amount, divided by the number of pay periods in the year.
  • However, there are some subtle differences between both approaches.
  • The timing of the pay period doesn’t matter, as long as the employee receives the full amount of their annual salary.
  • So, if your salaried employees are paid monthly, each salaried employee’s annual salary would be divided by 12.

Since 2 never equals 1/2, then bi-monthly can never have the same meaning as semi-monthly. It was, however, quite entertaining and a good way to waste a few minutes. In the email I was writing, I changed biweekly to every other week because obviously everyone has a different interpretation of the retained earnings word. If something is “once every two weeks” as noted above, then it is twice a month . Wouldn’t it be interesting to apply hetero-, homo-, and bi- to “weekly”. Heteroweekly would mean at some time other than this week. But look at this, biweekly would mean both this week AND the other…two.

The only one I can quote is the use of the word “hopefully”. We have taken on her mission of offering this free resource, keeping it updated, issuing weekly E-Newsletters, and responding to readers’ questions.

It tends to refer to the frequency in which issues of the journal gets published. The issues may then be grouped into volumes in some other fashion. This “issue frequency” is usually not correlated with the duration of the peer review – it’ll take whatever time it takes for your manuscript to undergo the process.

Bi-monthly has only one correct definition and that is every two months. The interpretation of bi-monthly as twice per month might be officially accepted but it is still wrong.

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