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You Found Mobile Responsive Checker 2021

APTUS is not a free application and we have to buy it from the Mac App Store. On the right-top side of the browser, you have the option to change the layout of the website to that of any specific mobile model or device etc. Change the layout to desktop, tablet, mobile, etc. and test the site. There are few tools that will let you preview the web pages of our responsive website.

If you need access to real mobile devices that you don’t have readily accessible, a good option is to use BrowserStack. BrowserStack is a testing platform with access to a variety of environments, including real hardware.

If it is an eCommerce website, explore the items as if you want to buy them. Add them to the cart, explore every option provided by the website, and complete the transaction phase. If you test like an end-user, you will think like an end-user and deliver them a bug-free responsive website. Our checklist’s last item is to test the website, not as test responsive design a tester but as visiting this website as an end-user. As a tester, you are always thinking like a technical person, and you may miss some of the trivial bugs just thinking that they won’t be noticeable to the user. Among millions of people visiting your website, there is a good chance that at least 1% of them will be bugged by that left out bug.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Unless you’re explicitly testing the same page on different screen resolutions, there’s a good chance of unexpected behavior sneaking by QA and into production. It’s not enough to check in just one or two common resolutions if your website’s functionality relies on how it renders in different screen sizes. Responsiveness is also getting increasingly important for SEO purposes.

Once the browser is resized, make sure that all the clicking areas of the design are suitable for clicking. However, you should always remember to test the small features like tapping, swipes, and other finger related issues.

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It is a set of design methods based on the practice of using various devices, not the browser itself. It is implemented by imposing specific sizes, CSS, software development and JavaScript codes. Some browsers, such as IE and Safari, provide plugins or browser extensions to test for desired screen sizes through pixels.

test responsive design

And when we test the layout on an old Nokia device, we’d be more nervous than a startup founder about to meet a venture capitalist. In this article, we’ll devise a testing strategy so that you don’t have to test every device every time you want to update a live website. I’ll draw on my experience as a developer working on the BBC News’ website. Anyone can browse and download public repositories but only registered users can contribute content to repositories. With a registered user account, users are able to have discussions, manage repositories, submit contributions to others’ repositories, and review changes to code. began offering unlimited private repositories at no cost in January 2019 .

Testing Your Website’s Responsiveness

This phase must consider user experience , interaction with site elements, and results in a basic design concept. For a few pages, get started with our Live interactive testing tool. Instead of pre-defined screen widths, Responsive Test lets you assess your design on different screen widths for a ‘true’ test of ‘adaptivity’.

The diagram is an accurate simile to how the content adapts to the environment and behavior of the device. Simply enter your website URL, select the device to test your website on. You can simultaneously choose two devices for side by side view comparison.

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TheEthan Marcotte came up with a new approach- Responsive Web Design – that solves this problem. This frustrating experience is exactly what every designer goes through when they try to design for the web.

How do I check if my Firefox site is responsive?

Firefox browser tool to test Responsive Web design 1. Click on Firefox button on the left top corner of the browser, and select Web Developer –> Responsive Design View.
2. It loads the Responsive Design View chrome –
3. Select different resolutions from the dropdown control on the left corner of the chrome to test the website in different resolutions, which is simple and great.
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Users can also add custom dimensions and view in different orientations. The best part about this site is that new devices are added quickly and each actually lets you scroll so that you see an entire page, not just what appears above the scroll.


Infographic is really good to follow for designing a responsive website. Awesome post, though Responsive design has been made mandatory, and there are many css frame works which help building responsive and very attractive website fast and easy. However I will be including this article in next website resources. i think it’s a great idea to optimize your site for mobile searches. I use my phone for a lot of the stuff I do during the day, and it is pretty inconvenient if the website doesn’t fit.

test responsive design

At that time, the company had raised $134 million in investment from venture capital firms and Williams himself. Medium has been focusing on optimizing the time visitors spend reading the site (1.5 million hours in March 2015), as opposed to maximizing the size of its audience. In 2015, Williams criticized the standard web traffic metric test responsive design of unique visitors as “a highly volatile and meaningless number for what we’re trying to do”. According to the company, as of May 2017, had 60 million unique monthly readers. Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder and former CEO, created Medium to encourage users to create posts longer than the then 140-character limit of Twitter.

On April 14, 2020, GitHub made “all of the core GitHub features” free for everyone, including “private repositories with unlimited collaborators”. Projects on can be accessed and managed using the standard Git command-line interface; all standard Git commands work with it. also allows users to browse public repositories on the site. This tool is for everyone who needs a quick and easy way to test their website design in multiple screen widths. This free responsiveness testing tool shows both portraits and landscapes for Android, iPhone, iPad and even Kindle e-readers. This online service shows ten mockups and is focused completely on mobile devices.

You have the option of viewing static screens or enabling scrolling, depending on what you’re testing. Stratabeat software development process made the decision to go 100% responsive with every new website, microsite, and landing page back in 2012.

Which Tool Should You Use?

The primary goal of responsive web design testing is to ensure satisfactory user experience regardless of the desktop or mobile screen. Besides, different devices have different screen resolutions, which adds to a challenge. Responsive Web Design Testing offers many benefits, custom software development services but we are just tapping into its potential as new trends pop up constantly in the realm of mobile devices. From virtual reality to augmented reality games, responsive web design must evolve to rise to the challenge of upcoming trends in desktop and mobile websites.

  • To find inconsistencies in colors, fonts, illustrations, etc. you will need to do a mobile responsive test using real mobile devices.
  • Kumar Mahadeva resigned as the CEO in 2003, and was replaced by Lakshmi Narayanan.
  • The procedure of verification compares the expected visual representation of the page and the results of rendering in the browser, special testing tool, or physical device.
  • The company had its origins in, an internet forum Mickiewicz founded as a resource for beginner web developers.
  • WorldwideProductsBooks, courses, websitesSubsidiariesFlippa, LearnableWebsite is a Melbourne-based website, and publisher of books, courses and articles for web developers.
  • We’d also be confident that the majority of our CSS would render correctly.
  • You can run your tests on most major mobile and tablet devices for both Android and iOS without emulation.

This responsive design testing tool shows the level of a mobile friendliness of different websites. The tool includes some elements of gamification such as scores and recent results of previous site visitors. The resizer also gives some test responsive design hints, so that you can make your site more mobile friendly. This tool will help designers view websites in any size and resolutions. There is a RWD Bookmarklet tab that needs to be dropped into the bookmarks menu of your browser window.

Chrome Developer Tools

A responsive website is one that caters its features, layout, and dimensions based on how the user is accessing the website. With that concept in mind, a responsive test is one that determines whether a website is responsive to the user.

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